Starting not to like my x-jet


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I was doing this house saturday, two story,w/ gabels closer to three story, thought it was a great oppertunity to try the x-jet once again!( me and it ant getting along) I shoot the house wash, give it a real good wash, wait the reccomended time, then rinsed. STREAKS almost like I could have been wrighting my name with the dang thing. hello ladder and extend-a wand to clean it up again. Ok so what I am asking is anyone ells having this problem? what am I doing wrong? Rick
I dont use an x-jet but the streaks usually come from not soaping from the bottom up and rinsing from the top down. That should keep the streaks from showing up usually the streaks are from the chemical running down on a dry surface if you prewet your surface and start at the bottom you will be ok.


I never come on here without learning something new, I must have filled up a whole spiral note book by now, thats more than I filled up my last 2 years of highschool, lol. Thanks Morgan for the e-mail.

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ron p

green listen to ron s. and learn.
what you are doing is blaming the saw for making the wrong cut.
post a pic of the streaks
my guess is the streaks are from water getting behind the vinyl either by the laps or the weep holes. To apply the chem properly you need a good angle and wash "with the grain" the direction of the laps so water cant get behind it.


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The house wash I used was enviro specs Premier, dulution rate was not calculated but I went with a strong blend. It was painted wood siding T-1-11 georgia pacific. The streaks are the areas that were hit "directly" with the jet, even thou the wash flowed over all the painted surface, it didnt remove the dirt except exactly where the x-jet struck. But you cant see that untill after the rinse. Is this the results you are getting? Rick

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It's obvious that the wash you are using is not potent enough. The purpose of the X-Jet nozzle is to apply chemicals and even though the stream is coming out at high pressure, the pattern at the end is low pressure. Without the correct house wash
you will get poor results. I imagine you are standing too close to the surface to be cleaned and are getting high pressure streaks.
Try a stronger product and stand about 8 to 10 feet from your surface. I think you will see a marked difference. If you are still having problems, please call me and we will walk through it.


doug amidon

The problems I have had with streaking generally comes when the
surface of the siding has oxidized. I use a low pressure to apply my
chemical and water mixture starting from the bottom up. When I rinse
I will re-wet the siding ( if it has dried) from the bottom up with straight
water and then rinse down. If a house is heavily oxidized, you may
want to clean it in the early morning or on a cloudy or lightly raining
day. I have turned down some jobs because the siding color is in such
bad shape or I suggest prep cleaning and I have a friend come in and
paint the siding. (aluminum or steel siding).

Be careful, I know you do not want to buy a homeowner new siding.


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I assume you are correct about high pressure streaks,( I am uncertain due to poor responce to current marketting hence no new house to try it again) however too close??? the streaks were on the gabal ends almost three stories up(I was on the ground ,two story house) which leads me to think "maybe" the chemical was too weak? I will peal the paint next time( ok not that strong)

if you're shooting 3 stories high with an x-jet and you think the streaks are only where the jets applied the soap, i'd say that the distance from each stroke is to wide. which in turn means not enough soap being applied. i don't know what your application of soap with an x-jet looks like at 3 stories, but mine is not a bead for sure. more like a very, very, very heavy fog. definitely start from the bottom up. more side to side strokes. soaps do not costs that much to do a good job. also, try using a little surfactant to make the soap stick a little better, and some cascade pure rinse(for the windows basically).

good luck, roy