Safety Relief and Engine Terminator

Steven Button

If I have a safety relief valve on one of the sides pressure outlets on a pump... do I need an engine terminator on the inlet side of the pump? The pump bypasses to the tank, so I wouldn't have thought I would have had any overheating issues related to recirculating of water. The only other issue I could see with overheating is if the tank runs dry on an employee? A low-water cut-off should solve this problem (?)

The reason I ask is because I am dual-feeding another pump and want to eliminate a stainless T at the pump inlet where the engine terminator is currently located - want to just have 2 elbows on inlet side due to space issues.

Thanks for any info!!

Russ Johnson

Equipment Expert
No terminator is needed for tank bypass. Plus, if the pump runs long enough dry to overheat, there'd be no water against the switch to transmit the heat buildup.