RV Anti-Freeze Freezing


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Ok,..so I've read a little about the red RV antifreeze freezing,...seems it does freeze in alot of cases. And not anywhere near -50 the bottle "claims"

Couple gray areas I'm seeing,..the -50 isn't a claim against freeze up,..it's a claim against bursting freeze ups? Some people claim it does not expand the same as water,...some say it led to broken pipes in RV's and even houses.

My trailer is an old Wash-On-Wheels ,...inside the trailer the RV anti-freeze is fine in the pump, roof pump and hoses,...but I have a water feed line that runs along the outside on the trailer tongue,..filled with RV anti-freeze,..and it is frozen,...when I turn the valve it does not run out,...not even trickle..... Temperature was 23 F,..so not even really that cold.

So,..this post is a possible warning for others,..and also inquisitive on some insight about the claims of RV anti-freeze not expanding or anyones experiences with this stuff. I've used the regular green in the past and it has NEVER froze,..And that's what I'm going to do at some point today,...not real comfortable with any type of freeze ups. Expanding or not.

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It's very easy to put water back into your antifreeze solution if you are not paying attention. It will weaken over time because the bypass water will get mixed into the solution as well. That may have been the cause of it.