Rock Flyer

Hey guys I have few questions. 1 Are you using rock flyer? 2 how many types of flyers are you using in Rock flyer? Last how are you keeping track of the flyer and subdivision


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No way. You may land a job here and there by luck . I hate seeing newspapers on my driveway. A cleaning company throwing trash on every driveway looks like litering and being lazy. Go door to door or eddm postcards on a smaller scale hitting the same usps routes continuously. Small scale meaning find a decent area with 200-300 homes and eddm them every 3-6 weeks. Just have a decent amount of postcards made initially to save on bulk printing. Or mix it up with 2 different designs or sizes to track which is getting better responds. Worse case scenarios you don't receive 1 call and you're not blowing your bank. But you are still building interest and reminding people Squeaky Clean exists. The good thing after continually seeing your card they'll definitely remember Squeaky Clean when their needs require your service . Great name for branding


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What he said. When I see things in my yard and my neighbors yard I think cheap fly buy the night company. Here one day gone the next.