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I'm going to be setting up a 2003 Ford Econoline with equipment to do resi washing. I'm getting tired of backing out of tight driveways onto busy roads.

That and fuel consumption also, diesel 3/4 ton pulling a 16 ft tube frame, all the gear and 21hp motor running wide open all day adds up. I'll be putting in an electronic idle-down 18hp cold water in the van.

You guys that have set up and run these vans (or anyone else with a good idea) steer me in the right direction If my plan seems off here.

The van was a Sears van that I used for another business that I phased out and has great shelving and lockable tool drawers along the passenger side. I'm right handed, so mounting the reels behind the passenger side of the cage, which would put me reeling left handed, ain't happening. I'm not sure if I could cram 3 reels (water inlet, hi pressure outlet, low pressure outlet) even with a stackable and give myself room to access the storage on the side.

12v electric rewind hose reel would be nice for the up to 300' of hi pressure hose that I use. I could also use the battery to power my Delavan pump. So maybe I'll just mount the electric reel behind the passenger seat with the Delavan and the other 2 reels stacked on the left side of the back. Unit and maybe a 100 gal. tank and it should be good.

I use a 55'er of SH on the trailer, but I'll probably just pump it into a 35 gal. chemical tank in the van as needed with the Delavan.

I gotta get the cargo lights put on a switch so it won't kill the battery, other than that I can't seem to think of any other issues.

Thanks for any pointers!


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Get12V LED strip lights for the interior.
Put the unit on the right rear of the van between the side door and the rear doors, It allows cross flow of air with the side and rear doors open for the motor. To do that you have to remove the bins ect if there are any on that side. Keep it 2 feet fromt he rear doors and use the space between then for a inlet and outlet reel.

hi-temp hydro

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Ventilation seems like it would be a plus with the unit on the right side, but I really need the stackable hose reel on the left side being a righty to reel in hose (don't wanna drop the $ for 3 12v rewinders). And I'm thinking I might actually be able to load a 55'er if I can keep things on one side at the rear of the van.

The strip LED's are a great idea, Thanks Alexy!