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hey guys.. after everything this site has done for me, i offer this in return. If you find it helpful, great, if not, oh well, maybe next time.

spoke with someone about a 10% referral program. Said he had a lady that would refer him 10 new customers every year, and in return she would end up getting her driveway done for free because she got a total of 10, 10% off coupons. At first that may seem crazy.. but if she brought 10 new customers at maybe 100-150 bucks a pop.. doing her driveway for free is well worth it IMO…..

so.. i added it to my tool box...

here it is.. you all are welcome to use it as an idea to make one for your company.!referral/c23xb

Referral 10% off EXAMPLE.png

John S.

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Great idea and thanks for the tip. How has it worked for you so far?

Walker Services

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I could see this working well for a friendly, motivated, retired customer who was popular in their neighborhood. A busy, working couple with kids? That might be tougher for them to remember or get you more than one or two. Still worth it and a way to get referrals though. Maybe just add the coupon on all your residential invoices..........


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hey guys, sorry for late response..

ive had maybe 2 customers really push for me.. and so far issued maybe 6 or 7 coupons.. I keep a log and each coupon has a code number so I can track them.

I like the idea of attaching them to every invoice...