John B

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Ok here is my two cents ... Free pressure washers of the USA Association. We all get together every year at some set location preferabbly a beach .. We all pay for our own way then have a big freakin Keg Beach party .. With Live entertainment.. No Dues, No Fees , Just Fun..

2 Things
1) If you dont have fun don't do it..
2) I had a friend of mine tell his competitor " If you touch my accounts I will take all of yours and do them for free , why, because I can..)

That's what makes this board so great is you can get all the answers right here.. No Dues , No Fees, No Bull..

So as far as paying gobbs of money to go to some boring convention and listining to someone talk about how he washed cars for a week are some stuff... Hey we work hard 24/7 cleaning other peoples crap that they are to lazy to try and keep it clean themselves.. So lets party ..( Beer Keg and Bikini Girl Convention ) Maybe even some low pressure washing wet t-shirt contest..

One day I will Grow up , but I will probably Die before it happens,,...... :rolleyes: :p

John B

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By the Way I saw a concrete cleaning outfit the other day .. The Name of the company ..Printed boldly on the truck doors (CRAPEE STEAM CLEANERS INC) That's funny right there, I don't care who youare ....................

GET ER DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!