Prizes- Computer giveaway!!!!!!!!

Ron Musgraves

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Prizes- Computer giveaway!!!!!!!!

At past events we have given away computers. To be included in the giveaway all you need to do is post here first.

It’s pretty simple; a random drawing live at the Florida roundtable will determine the winner of the Mini computer. Drawing will be on July 30 or 31 depending on the schedule. The winner will be posted here and you need not be present to win.

Just follow the direction below.

1. Post in this thread

2. Send your contact info to

3. Post on other bbs to increase your odds of winning. Each bbs will give you another chance. (optional)

This is also posted on:

It’s that simple and your name will be put into the drawing.

This is posted on multiple BBS, if you post in those threads you will increase your chance for each on you post on.

The thread title is “Prizes Computer giveaway!!!!!!!!”

This is a NCE promotion, all the BBS allowing this computer gift giveaway we appreciate the support for future educational & networking seminars.

Some of our past Winners throughout the year,

July 30 & 31
OK, OK, Twist my arm. I would Love a chance to win it. My wife has been bugging me to get her one seeing as I am always using our home computer and she never gets time on it. LOL... Thanks for the giveaway Ron. Please add me to the drawing.


Add me to the drawing Ron, it is always great to win great prizes like those computers.

Hope to see everyone in Florida!


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Please include me in the drawing Ron as that computer would come in handy. Look forward to seeing you again in Tampa!


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The PWNC would love a computer they can call their "own". (And Celeste would like for them to have one too!)