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For all of the deck experts: What is the best chemicals for the removal of algae build-up, dirt and graying on pressure treated and or composite decks? I understand using high pressure is NOT the way to go. I would like to get more aggressive in the cleaning of decks and would like to have the best possible solutions for different circumstances . Is anyone using EFC-38 wood deck cleaner, gemini's restore a deck cleaner and brightener,[FONT=&quot]pre-carbs, tsp or is using bleach the answer? [/FONT][h=1][/h]


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for pressure treated decks with no old stain: apply sodium percarbonate, rinse, apply brightener (not for neutralizing but for making the color more uniform), rinse again. For composite decks: strong sh mix with plenty of dwell time, rinse, apply brightener, rinse again.


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I've always used DeckBrite in the past. It works really well on wood decks and siding, But it's fairly expensive and is a pain in the ass to mix.
I've never used a separate "brightener" after SH.
Any tips on what brightener gives the best results?

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