Prayers for my Brother-in-Law's father.

Mike V

I don't typically do this but any thoughts and prayers can't hurt!

My little Sister's father in law has an inoperable tumor around his aorta, they are going to treat it with Radiation every day and Chemo every few weeks. This is not only devastaing emotionally but is also going to be a huge financial burden as he and his wife are going to have to cut way back on their work schedules as well as pay for transportation, parking and all the other expenses to get to Philly from their home a few hours away.

Please keep him in your prayers, his name is Tom Kline.

This is the type of guy that would not ever ask for help, but they are going to need it and so my sister has set up a Paypal account to help them offset some of the costs, the email for the account is:

BTW, David from High Tide Pressure Cleaning in Saint Augustine is married to my Oldest Sister, so I know he would appreciate any thoughts and prayers as well.