Plastic Gift Cards


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Need to thank Darrel Copeland for my sweet gift cards. Just got them today. Plan on sending them out with my spring letters to past customers. IMG_0554.jpg


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I would like to get some for my business and was wondering if you could share the contact info for the person who did them for you. I like the design. Good luck. Thank you

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Pompano Services LLC
George Pompano

Wesley Teston

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After reading some of the comments here, I have a few questions.
Are these cards basically a coupon?
Are you guys sending these to repeat customers? If yes, can you explain idea behind this?


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yes they are basically coupons.

Yes I will be sending some to repeat customers, I have a certain percentage of business that is repeat every year, I am trying to increase that number.

They may also go in thank you cards or given as a referral gift.

Wesley Teston

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I not sure I like that business model. You have already earned their trust and respect if they are repeat customers as you say. Why would you give them $20, $30, $50 to $100 off next time? I don't understand this. Your goal should be to go above and beyond when it comes to your customers. Make them want to pay more to keep you as the company for pressure washing, not less. Maybe I'm looking at it backwards..... Not saying your way is wrong at all, I'm trying to figure out your goals with these cards, that's all.


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I understand what your saying. Im just trying this for the first time. I'll be tracking the numbers to see what happens.

Doug Rucker

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We use ours like business cards. Hand them out to anyone and everyone. I have a them in business card holders in a few select businesses. They go into Thank You cards and we encourage them to give them as gifts to someone they know that may need our services. Most importantly we TAKE THEM back when they are redeemed and do not let the customer keep them.


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The gift card should (ideally) be treated like cash (as if you paid cash for them). I don't think anyone would go around handing out $25 in cash to everyone they meet (that's what business cards are for).

Get a potential customer to want one, get them to ask for it, create the value. Giving them out like cheap candy on Halloween just diminishes their perceived value.

I gave out 33 "digital" gift cards at Christmas (via Facebook messenger), 9 have already been redeemed (that's a 27% return rate). Does anyone have a promotion getting better than 27% ?

Ron Musgraves

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I printed 50 cash referral fee on reverse of my biz cards.

I paid them , it worked.

The referral had to fill them out for the guy to receive his 50, they would then ask can I make 50 if I refer someone who uses you?

Of course it was a yes!!

I have given gas cArds and Amex card. Still do it

Women see them as shoes!!

The gift card I see working , but I like the referral aspect involved. Or a gift at the end to get a cell phone for a future reminder of next cleaning.

Ron Musgraves
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