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Below is a parts list and photos of the “Phelps Wand”
Otherwise known as the “Don Juand” or “PVC Wand”
Or “Roof Wand”…..Call it what you will, but here it is.
One 48" schedule 80 threaded 1/2" pvc pipe.

Two 1/2" schedule 80 female couplers (only one is needed if ball valve is placed on wand, rather than on hose end).

Two 1/2" male/female sprinkler elbows (provides spray angle adjustment).

Two 1/2" to 1/4" nylon and/or brass reducer bushings. We use nylon on the spraying end and brass at the q/c end.

One 1/2" pvc ball valve (can be placed on wand/or end of hose, personal preference)

One stainless steel or plastic nozzle of whatever size that's appropriate to your pump setup. The nozzle can be screwed directly into the reducer bushing or a 1/4" stainless quick connect coupler can be used for fast nozzle changes. We make them both ways, but for those that only do walkable roofs, skipping the use of the 1/4" q/c will save on weight and cost.

One 3/8" Hansen stainless steel quick connect socket or you can also use a stainless steel or brass hose barb of whatever size hose that you intend to use with 1/2" mpt if you prefer the hose-clamped "hard plumbed" version.

There are several options and variations other than the above-mentioned description. Please feel free to email us via the contact page.

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Apple Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Instructor

Apple Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Instructor
What happened to Don Phelps? I remember something with his health but he still around?
Good Question Russ! It has been over 10 years since I last saw him, here in Tampa. He seemed to disappear from the Forums, but then so has everyone else. Facebook has literally KILLED our Forums. I heard he had some health issues, so I hope he is OK.