Parking lot line removal


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I was wondering if there is a way to remove the lines that are painted on the parking lots?

I have a guy looking to remove the parking lot stripping so they can change the layout.

The parking lot is concrete.

How could this be done? Any ideas??

Scott Stone

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I have done it a couple of different ways. I don't know how effective others will find it, but I have used just a turbo nozzle on some. I have also soaked the lines with taginator, or another graffiti remover, and then hit them with a surface cleaner. That way I could have my vacuum system operating. Just so you know, you can do about 60 ft an hour of line removal this way.


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I have seen them use a 4 inch roller and paint over them. I just did a parking garage and they painted over with grey epoxy paint on the concrete and used a five gallon bucket of black top sealer in the parking lot.


Not sure if it will remove the entire line or not, but soak it in a strong mix of caustic. Might need to apply more then once but I do know that it removes the paint.


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Hey thanks for the replies guys!!

I have a parking lot that is roughly 100k sq and they all have to come up, so it could take awhile for sure.

I was thinking about the taganator stripper myself but wasn't for sure if that would do it or not.

I'll do some more research!!

Vince Wood

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You can always try Sentinel 205 Paint and Varnish Remover. I used their 626 Adhesive Remover to remove carpet glue from a warehouse floor last week and I was actually impressed with their product. Their products are fairly cheap. I think I paid somewhere around $150 for 10 gallons of the 626 stripper.


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Try not to use the caustic method as the 1 choice.Its really looks bad on asphalt after it drys.


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Still trying to decide if I want to even mess with it or if it will be a bigger pain than its worth.

Thanks for the links guys.

I would like to try some of the worlds best...