nice trailer is Australia...


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Jetwave build top quality gear but it will be unbelievably expensive having been manufactured here in Australia.
Pick a dollar figure that you think that it might be worth than multiply that by three and you will be getting somewhere close to the mark. I recon around $150000 give or take $20000.


That is a very nice trailer rig!

Scott Stone

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Let me see, it would be really good for parking garages, except that it has no water heater, so basically, it is a cold water machine at 23 GPM at 5600 PSI. It also has AR pumps. AR pumps and I have a serious relationship problem. I have a serious strike out record with them.
There are some concepts on that machine that I found interesting, and potentially useful though. I think that I will wait for Chris to buy one first, since he always manages to buy the latest and greatest of everything.


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I like the idea of running two pumps off one engine. I might put a clutch on those in case you just need one at a time.