New truck.....


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2002 Ford E-550, 7.3 diesel, 110,000 miles approx.

20ft box, rear folding door in the middle with step, 2 side doors, one with step. Also has a coolant heater built into the box to keep things warm while getting to site in the cold months.

Payload with me and a full tank of fuel (tank is 54 gallons) 7000lbs to play with as per the scale.


Equipment on the inside to be purchased still. Looking at a largo vertical burner, 120v 8-12gpm, kohler 24 hp diesel, legacy 10.4 gpm @ 3600 psi. I know I won't get the full psi which I am fine with, I have my other truck with the same pump and a 35 hp gas engine on it right now if needed. Already have the inverter generator for the burner, Yamaha 3000 isb, bigger then I need I know, but paid for and easy still on gas.

Eventually a reclaim setup, just need to be a little careful with how much $$$ I spend as I am trying to find a new shop to park all the trucks in.

I will decal this one up sooner then later, although since it will be the first truck to ever have it done I am not sure of the sizes and stuff.

Lightning Gene

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Good looking truck....Cant go wrong with the 7.3


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7.3 is the only ford diesel engine I think I would touch still. Too many horror stories I hear and read about ford diesels with 6's in the size.

Somebody really looked after this, no rust, oem parts including the batteries through out. LED lights all round the box, the 2 side doors are fairly new, rear leafs still have stickers where the overloads would rub. Only leak that I found is coming from where the dipstick goes in the engine. The truck was started and stopped for a couple weeks at an auction and left idling for a few hours auction day. Since I am the steam company for the auction I know it was not cleaned under there and any other leaks would have shown themselves quickly.

One really nice feature, oil changes I just shove under a 5 gallon pail and pull the plug.

Vince Wood

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I know some of the E-550 vans were used by the movie studios here, they are actually pretty rare. I'm looking at a 97 Ford F-450 with the 7.3L engine and 5 Speed manual transmission. The nice thing is it originally came from California and only has 24,500 original miles on it. Best thing is I know that the miles are correct on it since I know where the truck came from personally.


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Another company I share a shop with has a 2002 e450 with a 16ft box, only problem is the payload. These trucks with the boxes easily hoover around 10,000 lbs, so having a 450(14,500lbs) vs 550 (17,500-19,000 lbs) can really make a difference as most of the truck weight stays the same between the two. I have a 2005 isuzu npr with a 12,200 lbs weight capacity, that thing has so little payload though you can't really haul much water.

If you are looking for a cube van and want to haul water to site, I wouldn't touch anything less then a 450/4500, ideal being a 550/5500. If you really want to know what the truck can handle fill the fuel tank and go to a scale. Empty vs full fuel tank is 500lb difference, you can guess if you know the capacity, just gives you a better idea.

I also was looking at getting a 2005-2006 international 4300-4400 with a reefer box on the back. This would have been a $30k truck, I got the ford for $8k which was a steal for around here.

Vince, that f450 sounds like a good deal assuming they took care of it. Engine/trans should be great, wear items might need some replacement as rubber degrades over time. give it a good grease job and go from there I would say. The only issue I can see with the 5 speed is getting somebody that knows how to drive it. The art of a manual transmission is getting forgotten, so is finding people that know how to drive it and not kill the clutch or driveline as well.


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I got most of the equipment, just need to mount/install and get everything connected. Here is the 2 highlights, ie where a lot of the equipment budget went.

Burner is 3/4 inch tubing, 120v, 40g tank, 750,000 btu's with a beckett sf burner. The burner is big, width of my car, height of my 3 year old son, price was pretty much the same as the largo.

Engine is an Isuzu 27 hp with a full panel, hour, tach, water temp, oil temp, volt. Mechanical clutch pto enables me to start the engine let it warm up, and engage the pump with the clutch, not the starter.

The pump going off of this is a legacy 9.5 gpm @ 3500 psi beast. I will post pictures of this once everything is installed and bolted down, but I figured I would show off the big stuff first.

Burner/pump was purchased from Mike @ Aquafleet Solutions, engine I got locally with a little help from Mike as well.


Looks like some great equipment.