Msking The Smell Of The Roof Cleaning Chemicals

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Many roof cleaner over the years have asked me what chemical are needed to hide or cover the smell of the roof cleaning chemicals.
You cannot simply dump just any chemical into a tank of roof cleaning mix, and chlorine stability is a must.
The needed chlorine stable masking chemicals are not cheap, but here is where they can be gotten from, courtesy of Pressure Washer Products here in Florida.

I have done quite a lot of research into everything related to cleaning roofs, and I actually told Lori about many of these places, and she found some on her own.

Russ Johnson of Southside Equipment in Louisville KY also sell some masking scent called Lemon Aid, and I understand it is affordable too, and works well. Russ may be a better option for those not prepared to buy the required amount of these chemicals, direct from the manufacturers.

Mix the fragrance and a surfactant and watch your savings grow
Your suppliers are using fragrances such as Horizon Aromatics, Chemia, Nilum or FloraChem.
These companies will be happy to sell directly to you.
Cut out the middle man. Some of the names of these fragrances are going to sound familiar.

Fragrances range from $0.25 to $14.99 per pound.
(The more you pay to the manufacturer of the fragrances,
the stronger the fragrance may be or
better job the fragrance does of masking the S H odor.)

Horizon Aromatics:
302-224-8305 or Fax at 610-828-0936
201 East Elm Street
Consohohocken, PA 19428

Rain Clean Scent 4850-CRC, WS

Fresh & Clean 4850-G, WS

Floral Fresh Scent 4850-FR, WS
Apple 4850-APB, WS
Lemon-Lime 4850-L, WS
Pine 4850-PINE, WS
Pine 4850-PIN, WS
Other Fresh Scent #4850 series, please ask
H Deodorant 4851 series, please ask

Chemia Corporation:
11558 Rock Island Court Maryland Heights MO 63043
(314) 567-0013 (800) 726-1976 Fax (314) 567-0081


Green Apple
Mountain Air
Fresh Fragrance
Clean and Fresh

10966 Industrial Parkway NW Bolivar OH 44612

Products: Rain Fresh Nilium, Green Apple Nilium

5209 San Jose Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32207
By phone: 1-800-305-1926
1-904-733-5759 By Fax: 904-733-5950

Products: Green Apple