Mold From Sunscreen On Resin Chairs


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I did a job (2) years ago on about 100 pieces of pool furniture at a country club. When I looked at it originally,. I seen the mold on the resin chairs and thought it looked odd, big circular blobs of mold,..but still thought is was "just mold",...long story short,..even 12.5% wouldn't dissolve it without physically removing it. I would have thought at that strength the mold would just disappear on contact,..I was wrong.

Anyhow,.they are ready for them to be done again,..and I've since learned this type mold is from the use of sunscreens and tanning oils and can be REALLY tough to remove. First,..does anyone here have experience with this type of mold,.and how did you handle it? And second,..I have been told about "BT200". I checked into it a little,..but seems really expensive,..if it doesn't work for my needs. If it worked it would seem cheap,Ha,Ha,..

*This is actually a job I may turn down due to the resiliency of the mold to conventional thinking. I have other work at the country club before I do the chairs, I may bring one home with me to experiment some. There are about 100 pieces,.. so I'd like a spray on and spray of type cleaner,..for obvious reasons. Just never seen anything like this mold.

Any advice here would be greatly appreciated!!


Diamond Jim

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The issue you have now is you probably have to agitate with a brush . That crap sinks into the Resin and every piece will be different . Adding some sodium hydroxide too bleach will break down the oils and get rid of the mold . try some degreaser too. Just have to worry how old the material is and are you drying out the material more. What color is it and how much that might change or not?