Miami Fire Contained Restaurant KEC cleaning Pressure washing

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
Staff member
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Scary. Could be many things that went wrong. We where cleaning a restaurant and they had a broken gas line on their stove. We could smell it right away.. they said they thought it was pilots getting gown out by the ac overnight and gas built up inside. "They smelled it for a few weeks.". Had their restaurant gone up in flames due to their stove having a major leak on its gas line would I be responsible if it was their normal scheduled cleaning time? How could tell it was gas build up and not grease as the cause? Maybe gas explodes and grease doesnt? Idk but thankfully they repaired the line before we left that day...

Lou hoods&more

New member
Gas leak test can be easily performed.....matter of fact we do this with every service. Have discovered a handful of leaks.