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Hi all,

I did a few searches and came up with nothing. I'm wondering if anyone can share a recipe or recommend a product to clean a metal roof. It looks like its just really dirty, could be oxidation. I've done a few test spots with a strong house wash and a caustic based truck wash detergent to no avail.

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Photos would be a big help. Does it look anything like these? It will probably require some sort of agitation.



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If its not just mildew it will require a little brushing or high pressure. Thats been my experience so far with them. If its just some mildew I just downstreamed a strong housewash mix.


Yea it looks like the first pic, It just looks like dirt laying on top of it, the color is blue though. I did some test spots with a strong house wash mix. But that didn't seem to touch it this is a big roof I would hate to have to brush it. I'm kinda scared to hit it with pressure thinking it will leave wand marks all over it.


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Here is a roof I did a couple days ago. Did it look like this? If so, I used 50/50 Bleach/Water with some detergent mixed it sprayed on with my Delevan.


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