Marketing Multiple services.


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Many of us offer more then one service, and market them on the same post card (for example). Im curious if it would be better to design 2 different post cards , lets say one for Pressure washing and one for Roof cleaning. I understand thats going to cost twice as much to have made and mail, but I wonder if it would get a better response. Has anyone tried that strategy?

Ralph Q

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When I send a card, it has a main focus, usually driveway cleaning. Then I have a list of services somewhere. I get calls for all of the services I list, as well as the service I have featured. I often get calls for multiple services off of 1 card. I think you are overthinking it. The trick is to design a card that gets a decent response. Use the front of the card for the featured service and the back to list services etc. Just don't clutter it up.

Chris Dubbs

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I target roof cleaning and house wash, then on the bottom it says call for our other services.

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