Maintenance Contract/agreement


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I was wondering if anyone had a Maintenance Contract/Agreement form the ones posted thus far appear to be for spot work Thank You Rick

Shawn G.

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Hi Rick,

Just want to apologize for your not getting any responses yet. I don't have anything to offer.

Can you be more specific on the type of work to be done? What do you specialize in?

I Saw your post in the other forum and wanted to bring this one back to the top.

Can anyone else help with this question?


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Im attempting to build commercial flat work Business/clients too eat a little better when the house washing dies down later in the year.


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Ok Pthomas sent me one! Thank you very much!!!!! Unfortunately I cant seem to paste it on any of these e-mail addresses.Computer wiz I ant. But will keep trying!


Thats the problem that i am having...Dont have cash to get fax machine...But will keep thinking of way to make something to work...Brain to fail me now!!!!



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I have a fax machine, website, and e-mail know-how. If anyone sends it to me, I would be glad to forward it on or post it for download.