Little Help with a Bypass Question....

Mike V

Ok, this is the unit that I picked up for cheap, it was beast when I bought it, strong!!! I hooked up a tank and got some trash in the pump, so I broke it down to clean it out and decided to replace all o-rings and one of the check valves which was shot. Buttoned it back up and was litterally blown away by the amount presure.....amazing!!! Love it.

My question, with a unit that creates that much pressure, should there be a bybass back to the tank? I took pictures, let me know your thoughts. Also, what kind of unloader is this?


New member
What gpm and psi does it run? I'm not sure, but I think bypassing back to the tank has more to do with keeping your water cool while in bypass than it does with the pressure. Considering how short that bypass hose is, it would be worth bypassing to the tank for temp reasons alone. Is your inlet hose that clear braid hose going over the belt guard? If so, it looks pretty narrow, might be worth getting inch and a half hose for that.

Russ Johnson

Equipment Expert
This is the unloader...

You could bypass to the tank without any problem. It's not necessary if you keep an eye on your bypass time.