Last Chance for NOLA 2012


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This is the last week to reserve your spot at the 5th Annual New Orleans Contractor Networking Event. There are six seats left and four hotel rooms available.

Topics to covered include:

Dominating Your Market- Commercial Sales Strategies
Embracing What You Suck At
Five Ways To Create Business NOW With Social Media
The Art of Consultative Selling
Five Ways to WOW Your Customer and Have Them Singing Your Praises
Maximize Profits- Really Understand Your Bottom Line
Are Add On Services a Profit Bonanza or a Business Killer?
And more!

To register:

For reservations:

There will be a pressure washing, roof cleaning, and softwashing class the day before the event.

There will be numerous prizes and giveaways. The grand prize will be a brand new 2012 model Pressure Tek Fatboy Bandit!

Everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to play with Bob's latest creation.

If you have been to a previous NOLA Networking Event then you know how much food, fun, fellowship, and knowledge is shared. If you have never been, don't miss another chance!


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Thad, I needed six seats. I waited too late!!!!

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Tony, you can sit on my lap if you come.
Or, I'll just give you my seat if you're not down with that.

You should come and hit the Quarter with Uncle Ron!


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Can we talk about the first thing that pops up like last time?

Uncle Ron and Uncle Thad. lolol!

It's Uncle Ron and Cousin Thad.
And to answer your question- Yes! I had a great time the few minutes I got to spend with you and Chris and would love to do it again.


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Curt Kempton shares ways to find the pinch points that normally have a "bottleneck" effect on your business and turn them into real strengths. He could talk about many specifically, but he will share his experience with payroll, scheduling, and bidding. He will also share the principle of a mastermind group and how to effectively dream 3-4 times bigger while still executing on your follow through.

If you have a micro-management habit you're trying to quit, or if you have the problem of not being able make your big ideas a reality, this presentation is for you! Chances are… if you suck at it, there is an opportunity to shine against your competition– who probably naturally suck at the same things!


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The discount price of $299.00 for the Pressure Washing, SoftWashing, and Roof Cleaning Class expires in a few short days - that's IF the few seats that are left don't sell out before then!

Learn the methods to Pressure Washing, SoftWashing, and Roof Cleaning - all without the hyped-up equipment. You don't need a special 12v pump to SoftWash, you can probably use equipment you already own! Roof Cleaning will be explained in detail, proper methods and equipment. And don't forget about Pressure Washing - there's some surfaces that just don't come clean any other way. Learn about all of this and more in NOLA!

Register here.