large parking lot wash down question


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I have the option to bid on a commercial property coming up real soon and have some questions. The property owner wants a general wash down of a covered area that is open air. Flea market. 4x week. It can only happen after hours ( after 9Pm). They also want a parking lot washed down once a week at night also on the same location. Both areas are 100 yrds apart. It also has 4 dumpster pads. They asked if there are any horrible looking areas to pay special attention to those ( so with a surface cleaner) I am the only one who is bidding on this job. No long term contracts but this area will need washing all year round. The square footage of the food stall area is 40,000 square feet, that includes all flat concrete surfaces and a dumpster pad or two. The Parking lot that needs to be washed 1xweek is 45,000 square feet with another 2 dumpster pads. ALL OF THIS IS NEW CONSTRUCTION I will start washing as soon as it opens. Obviously I would bid this at a discounted rate because i have the chance to have this job happen every month all year long, but nothing will be set in stone. The investment firm wanting this bid will continue to add on this development and will send more work my way if i get this bid. This is the tricky part. I have never done any large parking area wash downs. I stick mainly with houses washes and commercial buildings and large HOA walls. That being said i have washed numerous HOA walls that were measured in multiple miles and worth great money. Any tips would be awesome or anything to look out for. I can give better info in PM that would discuss my pricing structure and what i think i can get. But once again i am flying blind.

I will have easy water access. My rig is 8 gpm 3500 psi hot water with two guns and plenty of hose, 525 gallon H2O tank. I will down stream soaps etc when necessary. I know this is a lot to read but any tips would be great. Its just myself that usually works but will also be paying someone to help.