Ladder material reccomendation - Aluminum? Fiberglass?


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like it reads.. in the market for a bigger extension ladder, what do you guys use, like, recommend?.... AND WHY!?

currently been getting away with a 16' aluminum on most residential.. but time to step it up...

Chris Dubbs

We use 27' little giant extreme. Expensive, but I love the versatility. Also love the small foot print of only 6' when closed up. Plus it has wheels to pull it around.

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We use to use fiberglass, but just too heavy. We have a variety of ladders on board, all aluminum, 8' step, and 16',..20',..32'

Buy good aluminum ladders though, and for the proper weight rating. I think mine are 225 LBS. and they seem plenty strong for me weighing 185 LBS.

We also use the Werner Quick Click stabilizer, and put a washer and a self tapping screw through the rubber end caps to keep them from falling off, especially when they're leaned onto a shingle roof, where they tend to pull off from the shingles grabbing them and pulling them off when you put weight on the ladder.



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We keep a single section 12' Werner Aluminum on the truck...super light weight and can access near any single story roof. We also keep a 24' Werner Aluminum on the truck which is used to access two story roofs. We also have 28' and 40' in the inventory but they are rarely ever used. Honestly, anything needing 40' you are probably best going with a lift anyways or you will likely have roof access from the interior.

We keep a LadderMax standoff in the truck. Good idea to coat it in POR-15 then a top coat to keep it from rusting. I like the LadderMax because it has a very wide stance and has a nice deep standoff distance.

​ALSO...if you are going to use an Aluminum ladder...ALWAYS BE AWARE OF POWER LINES!!!

Ralph Q

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Got a 3 section 16 footer, a 3 section 24 footer(3- 9 foot sections) and a 32 footer and a 8 foot step ladder. I use my 24 footer on 99% of my gutter cleaning jobs. It is light and only 9 feet long when collapsed.

Oh, all aluminum 225 # rating. with werner stabilizer.


I would buy an aluminum ladder as long as you are no where near power lines, working with ladders for over 30 years the fiberglass gets heavy, the aluminum is a lot lighter and won't wear you out on days when you have to move them a lot.


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I have always preferred aluminum over fiberglass for all of the same reasons posted. Little Giant Ladder systems are AMAZING, but as stated above costly. It doesn't matter what ladder you are carrying around you should always be aware of your surroundings! If you hit something w/ the top end of a ladder walking through a yard (or shop) there is a good chance you will end up with a broken nose, or pulled back muscles.

AC Lockyer

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As stated above fiberglass is very heavy. Also bleach will eat fiberglass making aluminum a better choice. Just watch out for power lines!



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I looked a little at the Werner and Lynn websites. Each has a 28' Type 1A fiberglass extension ladder weighing only 3-4 lbs. more than a comparable aluminum.
Personally, a few pounds heavier is worth it to me. I've found fiberglass retains its ability to function as intended longer than aluminum. It's easier on the hands as well.
I feel that getting at least a 250 lb. rated ladder (Type 1) makes very good sense for lighter folks, and for not so light to sort of heavy at the very least a 300 lb. (1A). We're not homeowners getting on ladders just a few times a year!