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We added two more expert speakers to the lineup of the New Orleans Contractor Networking Event!

Charly Caldwell II is Founder & President of Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC founded in Southwest Florida, in 2002 - ISG is an cutting-edge Web Development & Internet Marketing firm.

With two teams, one dedicated to Web Development, and one dedicated to Internet Marketing, ISG has been to not only help people create a solid online foundation, but use all forms of New Media to reach their online goals.

Charly's extremely passionate about helping you achieve your goals in business and in life. Prior to ISG, he was Founder, President & CEO of Internet Services of Michigan, Inc., which was acquired in 2000, giving him the opportunity to retire 10 years ago at the age of 29.

Over the last few years, he was featured in Success Magazine's "Passion in the Workplace" segment, worked with Ted Nugent, the rock group KISS, and continually works with Broadway & Rock Star, Sebastian Bach.

Charly was the Keynote Speaker at the IWCA's 2011 International Convention along with his friend Jason Evers of Coastline Window Cleaning, who will also be speaking in New Orleans.

Their topics are:
"The Power of Networking" - Jason Evers
"Creating Business NOW Using Social Media" - Charly Caldwell II