Just did our first Kitchen Deep Cleaning


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Like the title says, Ive been getting bugged by a handful of the restaurants that i service OUTSIDE to tackle the inside... This was a very well known 24 hour chain restaurant that they think has not been taken apart for cleaning for over 20 years. It was... interesting...

It took about 7 hours with two guys, we used a hand lift to move equipment, vacuuming surface cleaner with 20 hp blower on the truck, hot water pressure washer with a spinner at 6gpm 3500psi (would prefer less gpm next time) some good chems and a lot of scraping! It came out great though. They sent pictures to their regional office that landed me 8 more kitchens plus all 9 kitchens will now be done quarterly.
Dirty work but it sure makes for great pictures!


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We did the kitchen tile in a restaurant last winter that had grease in the grout that you could measure by the cm. The grout was also in terrible shape and broken apart in a lot of areas. A surface cleaner didn't cut it so we had to do a ton of scrubbing with a grout demon and bust out a tile wand and it still didn't clean up great after over 32 man hours. I wish I knew if it was just that tough of a job or if we could have done something different.


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Nothing is worse than a stinky refrigerator. It's disgusting and downright embarrassing if you happen to have guests around. The truth is, though, the smell is naturally-occurring. It is caused by microscopic food particles that find themselves either lodged or stuck in some corner or wall of the fridge. Get some materials and start cleaning.
First, use a sponge soaked in foaming bath cleaner to wipe the walls of the fridge. This should eliminate most of the stains and dirt, but not the smell. Then, mix some vinegar and one or two tablespoons of baking soda into a bucket of water. Dampen a cloth with the solution and use it to wipe the walls again to take out the pungent odor.