jest to let you know !


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Thus far my thread in business forms requesting a copy of a maintenance agreement has had 129 views but not a singel reply hence I wonder if this is a record ? lol Rick


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Rick, I think the problem is a lot of people don't want to go putting their contracts all over the net when they paid $$$ to get them done with their attorney. We've probably spent a few grand with all the changes we've done over the years to ours. The bigger problem I see with it is that we're not attorneys and if you use one of these forms and end up having problems with it who's to say you don't go after the people you got it from? Know what I mean? I'm not saying you would do that, I'm just pointing out that I think a lot of the people that read these sites have basic problems just giving out their forms for those reasons.

Seems like every time somebody posts something regarding needing a form like that, the thread becomes real unpopular with posts but very high in the number of views.