Introducing the new Outlaw Gas Powered Roof Cleaning and Softwash Skid Systems.


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Introducing the Outlaw Roof Cleaning Skid Series. We’ve taken all your requests for a roof cleaning pump system, along with our experiences out in the field cleaning roofs and put them in a blender. What came out combines a compact, chemical resistant Air Diaphragm pump with a widely available, affordable gas powered air compressor that mounts INSIDE the skid. The result is a compact, reliable pump skid package with exceptional output volume for the size. It easily fits in nearly any truck. Because it is air diaphragm pump based, it allows you to use a huge range of spray tips without penalty and because it uses the pump modules, it allows you to selectively tailor the amount you spray.
The Pump.
We started with the most widely distributed, most widely sold air diaphragm pump in the world. Almost nobody in the mobile cleaning industry has ever used it before because they didn't understand what made it tick. But as somebody who has bought sold and rebuilt more AODD pumps in the past several years than anybody in the industry...we do. This pump is revolutionary in that it is modular. Each small pump module can be used as a stand alone, delivering 5-7 GPM open flow. Or…you can combine the pumps and their outputs to make a higher flow system. What makes this pump ideal and our systems possible is the EXTREME air efficiency it offers. We can run FOUR of the pump modules off a 9.5 CFM compressor to deliver TWENTY GPM. A pump that requires less CFM to achieve a given output means money and space saved.

The Compressor.

We base our system around the ubiquitous $529 Harbor Freight wheelbarrow compressor, one of the most standardized workhorses in the industry. Used in hundreds of mobile cleaning systems across the nation daily, it is the most widely available portable compressor in the U.S. and yes, they have proven extremely reliable as many contractors can attest. And that is why we DON’T sell you the compressor. It makes no sense for us to go down to Harbor Freight, buy the compressor, put it on the skid and then charge another several hundred dollars in freight to ship it to you across the country when you probably have a Harbor Freight in your town. If you don’t take advantage of their dirt cheap shipping rates. The skid comes ready to mount the compressor (get a friend or co-worker to help!) with simple hookups. By doing it this way, we save you hundreds of dollars in freight charges. More money saved is good.

When we developed this package, we put in everything you need for a reliable, hassle free system and we didn’t skimp in the areas where it really counts because this is a machine designed to MAKE YOU MONEY. Because the pumps are modular, they can be easily changed out. And because there are multiples of means that should one pump go down, you have more to finish the job. There is NOTHING worse than being out on a job with failed equipment. Nothing. So we build in as much redundancy as possible.

What IS included?
The Pump system, frame, reel, air hoses and valves, reel mount and mounting hardware for the compressor.
Lets Get Reel.
Here is the plain, ugly truth…the reels used with EVERY OTHER chem spray systems suck as chemical cleaning reels. Why? Because they are PRESSURE WASHER REELS. They were never designed for corrosive house mix or roof cleaning mix strength chemicals. Period. That is why our system includes a Gorilla Reel. The Gorilla Reel is a roof cleaning reel made BY roof cleaners FOR Roof Cleaners. And…it has NO FLUID MANIFOLD and NO METAL in the fluid path. This design completely eliminates it. No more rusted manifolds to leak. The reel will be drop shipped right to you which saves you money. Again…we think it is pretty stupid to ship a chunk of metal across the country twice…either way you get your reel. We include the bolts and mounting point you need to put it on. It takes 7 minutes to put one together. We KNOW you can handle it!

Three Versions…Base, High Output and Twin Spray.
The Outlaw-B base system is $1195. Includes a single Gorilla Reel, one twin pump module at 10 GPM open flow. 1/2 or (preferably) 5/8” hose is recommended.

The Outlaw-D Dual Pump system is $1549 including the reel. This is the most popular system due to its’ extreme flexibility and total redundancy. With twin dual pump modules, this has a total of four pumps onboard, so the redundancy is ridiculous. We valve it so you can choose to use either one or two dual pump modules. 3/4” spray hose is recommended. The reel will hold 200 ft of 3/4” hose.

The Outlaw-T Twin Spray System is $1995 including two reels. This is the ultimate in flexibility. Allows for simultaneous spraying through twin reels which is ideal for the contractor who does multiple properties or multiple buildings.

Aux Pump. This is a small auxillery add on pump. Attaches to the frame and allows for spraying acids or gutter solutions. $295. 3/8” hose is fine for this application. Includes pump, mount, air line, and added valve for the manifold.

Questions and Answers.
Q. Why 5/8” hose?
A. Physics. The larger the hose is, the less resistance it has to flow. The less resistance it has, the lower the in line volume loss will be and the more output the pump will have AT THE SPRAY NOZZLE. This translates through to more distance and minimal cost increase.

Q. How Far will it Spray?
This is the question EVERYBODY asks and here is the God's Honest Truth…it depends. There are a TON of variable factors that go into trying to figure out how far a pump will spray. Anybody who gives you a firm, etched in stone number is either lying, or hasn’t tested their pump system in enough real world situations. There are sooo many variables to the equation. What you CAN look at is output and what you’ve been able to achieve. We’ve achieved a solid 45 ft reach with a single twin pump module on actual roofs with a smaller compressor...but we’re not going to tell you that our system will reach 50 foot since you might put 300 ft of 1/2” hose on and take it up on top of a 3 story roof on a 100 degree humid day. Remember, this pump system has double the output of your traditional electric pump and volume equals distance. A LOT of guys do just fine with 2.8 or 4 GPM (real world) electric chances are you'll do WAY better than fine with ours. YMMV.

Q. “But…But…the FatPentaNSQFlexBoy pump says it does 7 GPM!”
Uh, well sure, but no, No it doesn’t. The problem is nobody shows you the actual performance curves. The most popular big electric pumps out there ARE all rated at 7 GPM…but there is a caveat to that output figure and some serious FUDGE FACTOR happening in that number. YES, yes a FB 1/2/3 WILL deliver that amount of output….but ONLY if you run it at under 10 PSI without any hose and no vertical lift up onto a roof with a 13.2 Volt stable power supply. The Problem is, NOBODY runs their pumps without hose, on the ground at 10 PSI, off a power supply. They run them at 60 PSI, through 200ft of 1/2” hose, hooked to a battery, with a flow restricted manifolded reel, and then they spray up on a roof.…at which point the pump is a 4 GPM pump with a FRESH topped off battery. A lot of guys crank them up even further to 80 or 100 PSI in order to overcome the lift head pressures, dropping the output down even further to as low as 2 GPM. When we say our system will do the output we quote, that means it was tested in the real world, not the fantasy pump spec world. Using that same fudge factor, we *could* claim ours is a 14 GPM pump system and the dual pump is 28 GPM. But…we like being honest with our customers. And because it is an air diaphragm pump and air compressor power doesn’t run low at the end of the day, it will pump the same amount at the end of the day vs the beginning of the day since unlike batteries, gas powered compressors don't put out less air at the end of a long day of spraying.

Q. How often does the pump need to be changed? Can it be serviced?
Again, there are a lot of variables here. How much do your spray? What strength material? How much lift? The pump material is chemical resistant Polypropylene which is more resistant that the FRP pump material in the electrics most people buy. Here is our suggestion…rinse your pumps. They’ll last longer. Keep the pressure down around 60 PSI, and use the largest hose you can. The pumps will last longer. Fortunately...they are cheap to replace. You WILL want to service the air end and change the diaphragms every so often (we recommend at the end of the season), but those are easy. We suggest you do it yourself so you learn how to service your own equipment. This is invaluable in case you do something like suck a screw through the intake and burst a diaphragm with the biggest project of the entire year starting tomorrow. Yeah. We've got that call. We do recommend you buy some spares, they are cheap.

Q. Do you have a complete skid package available with a tank?
Yes! It is going to cost a lot more due to shipping, but we can supply with a mounted tank system if you insist. We can supply a frame extension kit or a top tank mount if you want to buy the tank locally and mount it yourself.

Q. Can this be used for Soft Washing or to spray other things?
Heck yeah! It makes a GREAT soft washing system! Also, works great to put chemicals on concrete, wood and flatwork. For you power wash contractors who do large volume concrete work and are sick of 12 volt pumps failing with SH, this is the ticket! If you do high volume mold mitigation or concrete sealing, this is the bomb...especially the twin pump system.

Q. Can I buy another twin pump as a transfer pump to Transfer SH into my mix tank?
Absolutely! We can plumb for this and we will also change the diaphragms over to a different diaphragm because 12.5% SH is harsh stuff. We will insist you rinse the pump afterwards which you should do no matter what.

Q. What else can it be used for?
Deck Sprayer. Fence Sprayer. Concrete Etcher/stain/sealer. Fungicide sprayer for mold remediation…though we recommend our compact Outlaw Jr. version for that unless you do BIG mitigations!

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