I need a truck


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Ok, so I am probably on the edge of getting my 1st full out trailer rig ... but my problem is, I have nothing to tow it with!

Last I had about $90,000 worth of estimates, but wasn't able to do the jobs because I didn't have the equipment ... basically im broke, but I need to upgrade and start supporting my family!

So while I am wanting to sign a lease for a rig, I am in search for a truck.

I am looking for any 3/4 ton truck (F250, RAM2500 etc.) for dirt cheap basically. I don't have much to work with right now.

I'd appreciate if you guys could also keep yalls eyes open for anything that might pop up, and keep me in mind.

Thanks for helping me out!

P.S.: Heck, a 1/2 ton truck might do too ... however im not sure how well it would be able to handle a whole rig if water was ever to be filled up.


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HAha...I have a jeep you can buy for $2000....lol :) But seriously...I will be keeping my eyes open for something for ya!


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Thanks for the link quirtgun, Ill look around on there.

As far as price, honestly, Im not sure ... all I know is im broke, and I highly doubt Ill be able to afford anything over 3-4,000. And even then it's not guaranteed Ill have it, Ill have to figure something out though.
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Have you checked Cragslist.org ???
Here is a link

Do different searches for , ton, truck etc.. people need cash so make a deal.
you can paint it white yourself if it is ugly. It will pass the 10 ft test and look good driving down the road. A little self labor is easier to come by than $$.

The first one is basically ready to go for half of what you have to spend.




Avoid the lease/finance temptation. Cash flow is the #1 reason for small business failures. When/if things slow down that payment will hurt..a lot..
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PressureX, if you have the work and cannot get it done with your equipment, you need to network with someone in your area and get the work complete to bring in the cash, although you may have to split it with someone. You are not going to get far if you cannot get the work completed. Once you get started and have some cash flow, purchase something that will fit your needs without being excessive. This is a tough economy and things are certainly out there for the taking as far as having cash....best of luck, Mike.


I would say if you have the credit available to you , buy a good truck.. Go get the jobs even if you have to rent a good machine.. Places here in jackson rent big steam cleaning rigs for about 250.00 a day.. ( Pay the truck off ASAP... Then Buy a machine.. ) I would say the truck would be more important than a machine.. Heck when I started B&R I hade to work at a hardware store all day and then work at night Steam Cleaning and inspect fire equipment.. One thing is for certian , in this business you cant make any money working for someone else,,, One thing for certian is be patient , it will either happen or it wont... I worked for other companies in this business for almost 12 years before I went out on my own..When I did start out on my own I started with a 1993 ford truck, an Alkota 1000psi@2gpm hot water elec machine...But just keep working and spend your money wisely and it will all workout.. Also remember don't sale what you can not accomplish , you dont want a ( NO SHOW ) rep.. 90% of our business is doing what you say you are going to do and being prompt..


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Cool Site Scott

It's a great place to get an education on owning a Ford diesel.
Some of the guy build some sick trucks,but those kind of toys are real expensive to repair when they break and they do break.
Still if you own a Ford diesel it's a great place to pick up a lot of useful info on repairs etc.


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Unless you have your heart set on a trailer I have a lead for you. Mark, with Superior Power washing in Apex, NC has a early 2000 something chevy 2500 diesel flatbed that he just took tanks and machines off of to put on a new NPR. Not sure of the mileage but he wants 5K for it. Has ladder racks, welded frames in back to hold 5 reels, and two large tool boxes under bed. His # is 919-412-6448.