How would you clean: Small pavers & lots of moss


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Got asked to bid on this 7700 sf driveway made of these small pavers that have all kinds of moss between them. Has anyone ever cleaned something like this? I"ve got two ideas:

1. Wash like a normal driveway: 3 gallons of 12%SH + 2 Gallons of water + a cup of Dragon Juice downstreamed onto the surface. Dwell. Use surface cleaner and rinse. With this method, I'm concerned that the surface cleaner will remove the moss (which is what we want) and whatever else is between the pavers, which will leave a lot of space in between the pavers. I got the impression the contractor doesn't want to spend the money to fill the space between the pavers with sand/polymeric sand.

2. To minimize space between the pavers, use a stonger SH solution sprayed on directly (not downstreamed), dwell, then just rinse off. The moss will be killed, but space between pavers will be filled.

Either way, how would you clean this?


Ralph Q

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Clean it like any other driveway. If it was properly installed you shouldn't see much sand at all. I clean pavers with a surface cleaner almost everyday and have only come across times where the sand came out of the joints a few times. polymeric sand is the worst invention ever.

Bill C.

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I clean it the same way. I was told by a "paver guy" that without putting the sand/polymeric back into the joints water can penetrate beneath the pavers and cause them to move over time. So now I "recommend " to my customers they add the polymeric sand after I clean them. Just a CYA for no other reason then, I told you so. Every job is different though.

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Rob Harris

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You might want convince the contractor to re-sand and seal, it's a win win for everyone.


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mick m

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Clean as per usual. All the moss & sand is only in the chamfer of he pavers. The base will be more than likely still nice & tight.


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I sell those as spray and walk away. The moss will be dead when I leave and will turn brown and disintegrate into nothing in a short period of time,.and then recommend yearly spraying to keep the growth down.