how would i clean this


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This black stuff is everywhere in my area. This type of building material is in my neck of the woods. (N.Texas) Was wondering how I would clean this because no one seems to be doing it. I have a 8gpm Hot water machine with DS and xjetM5. I sprayed some 50/50 bleach + H2O on some of that type of brick vener on my mailbox and left it for a good while and it didn't touch it. But like I said it was just out of a little squirt bottle. Any help would be great


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first, add some type of surfactant to your mix and see if that helps. from there, try roof mix next, and if that doesn't do the trick, you may have to have to introduce higher pressure. someone else on here may have a better recipe for chems, my chem list is very short!!!


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A very hot roof mix (70-80% sh), dwell time and medium pressure if you don't want to use high pressure.

Keep us posted with how it turns out.



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you wrote "I sprayed some 50/50 bleach + H2O " Do you mean a 50 50 mix of sh and water?