How to store extra surface cleaning machines. I have a Whisper Wash and a Hammerhead

Chuck Bergman

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Hello, I have been in business since 1989 here in Charlotte County Florida and you would think after 26 years, I wouldn't need to be asking questions! I know how to store my extra pressure washing machines, but so far, as to surface cleaners and guns, I have just run car antifreeze through them, then sealed off the spray tips and filled them with antifreeze. Seems to have always worked fine, but, anyone know of a better way?


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Hey Chuck, have you been? I'm not sure what you're trying to prevent,..I live in Pa and haven't ever done anything to store my surface cleaner. It simply drains out I guess,...and to be honest,..I've never even considered it to be a possible issue. Maybe I'm missing something,..but,..if I were you,..I wouldn't do anything but set them aside until needed.

*Actually,..I do put a piece of black tape over the inlet so bugs don't crawl in and end up with plugged nozzles.


Doug Rucker

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Hey Chuck, how are you...great to see you. Mine are kept in a barn when not in use. My barn guy, (to most a warehouse guy) puts duct tape over anything that has a hole in it, (oh Larry gonna love this one) and could get even dust in it.

Chuck Bergman

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Hi Doug and Jeff. How I'm doing is not great. Lots of medical problems. Heart attack July 2014- got a stent put in. Angina and attempted stent procedure Aug 29th 2014 -no place found to put stent-changed medications. Then I just got out of a 3 day hospital stay April 2nd-started having another heart attack-another stent and for now, no heart problems! Hope you are well! :)
I've never taken any of my surface cleaners apart, but I assumed rubber O-rings exist. I was attempting to keep them from drying out. The Hammerhead, has a steel rotating arm and to me that means rust. I put car antifreeze in my extra pressure washer pumps and guns, as well as in my 2 airless paint machines.
During busy season, I carry all my surface cleaners with me, but for the summer, I was going to put some in storage.
I too plug the coupler opening and jets. Maybe I'm just over-thinking this?
Thanks for the reply and best wishes to you!!
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