How to hang reel from lader rack


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I'll be making a ladder rack for my trailer soon, and would like to hang some reels from it. I've looked at tons of pictures on this site, but can't see how you guys are hanging your reels from your ladder racks. It seems that using just one bolt on each side of the reel wouldn't be enough, and even if it was, I like redundancy anyway. The bolt holes in the frame of my reels is 10 inches apart on each side - would you just run another piece of metal beside the main frame of the ladder rack, 10 inches apart, to accommodate the reel, or is there some other way that I'm not thinking of.



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image.jpgWhen I built my ladder rack I added an extra cross strut in the back for my reels. My rack was built with 2" angle iron though and could handle the load shock from driving down the road. Make sure the material your rack is built with is heavy enough to support that weight and then some! This drawing is looking down on the rack. Sorry I'm not much on drawing.

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unistruts from home depot in the electrical section. I used the half size, not the cube.very strong and the holes line up on all three of my reels. 10 foot long attached to my utility rack with U clamps

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