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House Painting Services | House Painting Company | Pressure Washing Services Pa

Here is a photo of a home we painted about 15 years ago. This is the original paint coating we applied to it. Proper prep and 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Moorgard on all the lap, soffit and fascia. Moorglo was used on the spindles. So many times I goto other painting boards and its just arguing over what type of paint to apply and that is important, but just prep the thing right people and it will last.

We still offer this type of finished product with all of our House Painting Services in Berks County PA. We were applying paints with the longest labor warranty available before it was in fashion to do so. Our warranty in writting is if it fails due to our improper application we will make it right at our cost. Every professional House Painting Company also provides the best possible Pressure Washing Services to remove all the dirt, mold and grime from the surface before applying any paint product so have a discerning mind before hiring a company that does not have this listed in their quote.

15 years and no additional coatings of paint applied as of this time.

That is a great job.

Not many here paint a house that will last more than 5-7 years.

Dull, Clean and dry is the basic formula. Also know when to use a primer vs a sealer can be a deal breaker. Too many of the people in my trade are in it only to take the homeowners money, but rarely care about the outcome beyond passable. My Grandpa told me that in the end when all the money is gone all you have is your name left to carry on after the dirt is on your face and its true.

I have actually gotten in debates with homeowners over quality of mine, but not on the negative side. They asked me how it was going when all was done and I would still be reworking something. The homeowner asked what was wrong and I told them. they were like I cant see it and I rfesponded that I know its there and they just laughed and said thats why we did not hire xyz company over you.

I guess when your brought up around it the roots of pride run deep.

Hows it been going for ya this year?


I have a friend that owns a painting company and is getting ready to retire and wants to sell me his business but I have no experience in painting.

I have painted the inside of my own house and little things here and there but am not sure I want to jump into this venture.

It might be a good money maker but with all the hacks and lowballer painters here it might just be another headache but I have not said no yet.

There are no contracts, not many repeat customers, just equipment, training and some ongoing help after the deal is done.

Not sure what I will do just yet.
If you do not have experience in painting you just have to run it like a business, but have a very experienced lead man and people who can paint also. Nothing like when you get a call from someone wanting to work for you that has experience in laying pipe, but wants the opportunity to learn on your dime. Helpers have their place, but its only on new construction where you can teach them. As long as they do not lose you any money is the goal your looking for.

15 years ago we were getting $6.50 a SF from that builder because he new the value he had with us. On that particular job the outside was an extra because the homeowner changed the plans after market on the type of siding used. It was the new fiber cement of that time. It rounded out to about a bit over 25K for it. there is good money in it for sure. Thats why I never let the painting sid of my business go. I just wanted to learn the squak with power washing and glad I did. We used to sit out in garages on lunch break and laugh at the pw companies in the neighborhood lol.
Ron, that house was in a area of Orange Park Fl called the Links. Beautiful place especially at night. covered with that moss, they had tree lights from the bottoms pointing up. Disney like landscaping and that house was on the water. One night we worked there til a bit after 12AM. When we were shutting down my Grandpa and I were making sure all the lights were out. We had this one switch we kept hitting. Turns out it was to the lights on the guys 300FT dock. We must have looked like we were zeroing in the planes for the drop off lol. Poor neighbors prob thought the cartel was moving in and not the owner of Taylor Precast.