Hot box install question


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Picked up the new hotbox today.. And now looking at how I want to plumb it.

Do most of you run it permanently through the hotbox even when you're just running cold water, no heat? Would you recommend being able to easily disconnect and reconnect with jumper hoses to avoid running cold water through? (I'm thinking about all the friction loss with the elbows in the hotbox.)
Currently running 8 gpm 3,500 psi

Also, considering mounting a unloaded block near the high pressure reel with a coupler.. And then running the high pressure reel as a "dead lay".. Pull off what I need, and then connect into coupler. At end of job, disconnect, and connect to remaining hose on reel, and roll up. (Tired of undoing the entire reel when i only need 75 ft, BC what's left on the reel becomes a giant spaghetti mess from the vibration and on/off trigger)

Any and all thoughts are appreciated

Dan Manley

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I have my hot box set up to quick connect with whip line as needed for cleaning.

I also have my unloader block mounted to my trailer, and a 1/2 whip line to other side of trailer (machine is mounted driver side for easy fueling at pump). We pull out what is needed and hook to whip line and go to town. All my reels are only used for storage (except roof system reel).


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We don't use a hotbox but we have 100' on the reel and for any jobs that are longer than half hour I just unroll the whole 100' and stretch it out.

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