Hosetract Reels - stackable and lo pro series-free shipping

Paul Kassander

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Stack Frame Hose Reels</SPAN></SPAN>
Pictured as two units each sold separately.</SPAN></SPAN>
hosetract stack frame stackable hose reels.JPG• Flow through shaft for universal installation</SPAN></SPAN>
• Stack capability with no added parts</SPAN></SPAN>
• Self-lubricating ABS bearings</SPAN></SPAN>
• External swivel - heavy duty 4000 PSI for </SPAN></SPAN>
longer service</SPAN></SPAN>
• Fully adjustable brake - adjust tension with </SPAN></SPAN>
hand knob</SPAN></SPAN>
• Positive lock pin</SPAN></SPAN>
• Mounting base is light and strong</SPAN></SPAN>
• 3 or 4 roller kits can be mounted top or </SPAN></SPAN>
bottom position (sold separately)</SPAN></SPAN>
Part #</SPAN></SPAN>
Reel holds- 250' x 3/8" or 175’ x 1/2”</SPAN></SPAN>
Reel holds- 350' x 3/8" or 275’ x 1/2”</SPAN></SPAN>
Reel holds- 450' x 3/8" or 375’ x 1/2”</SPAN></SPAN>
Reel holds- 550' x 3/8" or 475’ x 1/2”</SPAN></SPAN>


Low-Pro Series Hose Reels</SPAN></SPAN>

The Low-Pro series fits easily into height restricted areas.</SPAN></SPAN>
hosetract low pro series hose reels.JPG
• Fits into areas where less head room is available</SPAN></SPAN>
• Flow through shaft for left or right hand installation</SPAN></SPAN>
• Self lubricating ABS bearings</SPAN></SPAN>
• External swivel-standardized O-rings can be changed by simply removing one retaining ring</SPAN></SPAN>
• Fully adjustable brake - adjust tension with hand knob</SPAN></SPAN>
• Rated for 4000psi</SPAN></SPAN>

Part #</SPAN></SPAN>
Reel holds- 75' x 3/8" or 50’ x 1/2”</SPAN></SPAN>
Reel holds- 150' x 3/8" or 100’ x 1/2”</SPAN></SPAN>
Reel holds- 225' x 3/8" or 150’ x 1/2”</SPAN></SPAN>
Reel holds- 300' x 3/8" or 200’ x 1/2”</SPAN></SPAN>
Reel holds- 375' x 3/8" or 250’ x 1/2”</SPAN></SPAN>


Free Shipping on Reels

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Nice price Paul, the 2 I have are the 350 and are stack on top there are sweet.

Paul Kassander

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Special price this month:

The Low-Pro is available with 1" plumbing and will hold up to 150' of 3/4" hose. $ 275.00 + shipping
The Stackable Frame also has a 1" plumbing option and will hold up to 150' of 3/4" hose as well. $275.00 + shipping

Titan Reel:
Titan has a reel that will hold up to 375' of 1" od hose with 1" plumbing and is available in electric $643.00 + shipping or hand crank. $399.00 + shipping

Steel Eagle:
Steel Eagle has an electric driven reel that will hold up to 300' of 3/4" hose. It is designed for fire rigs but will hold what you want.
If any interst in this one give me a call and I will get you pricing.