Hose Reel with level wind.


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For you Commercial guys that pound the sidewalks and literary drag and wind miles of hoses, you may find this interesting.

This hose reel is built on a Hannay 1530 with all the hardware up graded to handle 5000psi and holds 370 foot of 1/2 hose.

The level wind is chain drive and appears to be all built but the test of time will tell me how well built it is.


It did not start or keep it level at all.

I think saving the extra money and using a hand to guide it will work better, been doing that for decades, no problem.

Just have to make sure it is nice and even for those that have the max amount of hose that the reel can hold.

It is an interesting idea but obviously it does not work, maybe they will perfect it for a lot more money someday.

Scott Stone

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It looks like an adjustment needs to be made to have it wind properly. Also as slow as it is, I bet it could be wound faster by hand.


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Just teething problems nothing more. Hooked it up to 24v and it runs much faster. The benefit in this reel is that you do not have to go back to the trailer to pull up excess hose. I can understand that this reel would be of little value to house washers or such but I think that guys that are pulling long runs of hose and moving consistently during the night will see the value.

Chris Dubbs

One little whip lash of the hose, and it will get caught up. I have electric reels and flatten them by hand because of my OCD. Lol

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Where did that one come from? I looked high and low for a automatic-hose minder and the only ones I found were in Australia! And right pricey too. Is that Hannay from America? The one technology I have seen is a helical cut bar with a pin that follows the groove, is that what it has?