Hood cleaning

Had a restruant contact me about hood cleaning and I said I currently don't offer that but would be interested down the road. He said why not get some practice with there's, I currently clean the sidewalks for this company and he's given me the opportunity to see what this is all about. So where do I start guys, chemicals, reclaim, I have a hot water unit, thanks

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Wow. If you have never done KEC then stay away. Its a whole different monster. Equipment, Insurance, your Liability, Documentation, The works. Its more than just cleaning the grease.. If that is something you want to explore I would suggest School, or hooking up with a company for some ride a longs. Hands on will be your best.
You can clean hoods with purple power from home depot how ever it is semi pricey and not as strong as alot of other chems. Having hot water and as much psi as you do will help you tremendously with the small cracks and odd ball locations that you either cannot scrape clean with a razor blade initially to remove to bare metal in long strips. Make sure the paint scrapers you use are sharpened.... it makes all the difference to me personally when im scraping off a good half inch thick grease, I keep a long flat metal file in my back pocket to keep the blade sharp and free of rough edges which would mar the surface and cause drag on the scraper thus making it more of a problem then helping.

As mentioned above. Sodium Hydroxide or Potassium Hydroxide are two caustic materials that "annihilate" kitchen grease and fats and carbon build up. Sodium Hydroxide aka SH is by far the most commonly used, not to be confused with SH (sodium hypochlorite) bleach I think. BEWARE, these chemicals can cause you and other materials major damage in strong concentrations. You need to neutralize or win like its no bodys business haha. There are ratios given here already in these forums by senior members that I have uncovered via searching... dig in, these men give out nuggets of gold here and there if you search back into 2005 ish... specially Ron, his previous posts are a major help to me! I have to get going though i hope I gave you more info to consider in your new adventures.

OH! Get a soak tank, 55gal water barrels are FAR more easier to come by but they round and well filters are not.. haha. soaking them before spraying them off can save you TONS of time and nasty mess to contain as they chemical solution in your tank can soak for hours or over night if you can get the filters out to soak... its helpful to have filters you can install in place while his soak for maybe 3 days depending again on how strong the solution is.

TTYL good luck.....


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Besides All the powerful equipments we have...
I have to finish clean the system without them...sometimes... with chems,puties,scrapes and many rags....4 am..but it's okay. I still got hot water from restaurant...