Hiring part time help.

Shawn G.

New member
We are bidding a job to be done in the Spring which will require that we put on temporary help, and I'm hoping to get the members' input so I can do this right.

This project is restoring all exterior wood in a good size condominium complex. (59 units all with decks and front porches, with some fencing and wood retaining walls throughout the complex)

I think the job will take a few months to complete, then we will be back to normal work load. Does anyone have experience with using a temp agency for laborers? what are the advantages of using this type of help?

I guess my other alternative is to hire part time help and let them go after the project is complete.

Any input is appreciated.

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
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Temp agency are ok, I don’t like paying the extra for them to handle the taxes workers compensation and the other misc. expenses. Some may feel its work it, realize that most temp workers are looking for permanent jobs.

Myself I would just hire full timers and try to keep them all but even after the jobs complete. Good chance to find a nice employee and expand your business.

Good luck next season.

Clean County PW

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If you get this job this is the perfect opportunity to hire a couple of guys. Break them in and once they get the hang of it you can get them started each day and while there working you can look for more work for your business.

This is a golden opportunity to expand your business that doesn't come along to often. Take advantage of this if you want to make the bigger bucks.

John/Clean County PW