Here's one better


*LOL* *LOL* rotflmao

No,not really,I like playing with new toys,atleast you didn't put me at the wrong end of a mule.

Hey wait until Ron and Scott post their picture,my toy does dat too,lol lol just wait until I figure out how to do it.Hadn't even thought of stuff like that,thanks for bringing it to my attention,lol.

Come on give me a fighting chance,post your picture,we know you have a new toy to do so,I promise I want mess with it.

wonder what Luckyboy would look like on this one,lol,just wait,lol.


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Bigboy you can stop wondering, I would look as HANDSOME on that as I do now, and my beard is not all scaggy either.

Hey Bigboy, just how in heck does you get up into your trucks?

And I thought all you "rednecks" was big and tall".

Les, welcome to the board, would be a pleasure to see a picture of you too.

Don't worry I will have a new one posted very soon.
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