Heather's Cancer Struggles

Hi y'all,

This about a dear sweet girl who went to High School with me. I have not seen her in many moons.Prob since we graduated in Jacksonville Florida. She is really having a tough time and needs support to help her and her children. Her Momorganized this fund raising to help her keep her house cause the man she is married too seems to be abandoning her and his children. Cancer not only affects your health, but the family as well as some just do not have the mental toughness to be the spouse they need to be. He is refusing to help pay for the house even his own kids are living in. Her goal is to find 80,000 people to donate just $1 to make this miracle come true. Please, if any of y'all can help out in any amount it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance
Thanks Matthew. She is 41. Started with breast cancer which they removed. Later she got cancer of the female organs and now they are removed. All the chemo caused her to have both hips replaced and now cancer again. She has had it tough.