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Paul Kassander

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We are giving away free gift cards with certain detergent purchases in Febuary 2012. We call it our...

Cracker Jack® - Chemical Pack Promo!

Not Only are these products ON SALE but select 55 gallon detergent packs will contain a special prize that will vary from $5 to over $100 in value. Including gift cards for Mc Donald's, iTunes, Target, Best Buy, SubWay, The Power Wash Store, and more...

Just purchase any of the following 55 gallon detergent kits and look for the
prize inside!

DetergentReg Price: Sale Price
Strike Force <STRIKE>$109.95</STRIKE> $98.95
Blue Voodoo <STRIKE>$109.95</STRIKE> $98.95
Hood Master <STRIKE>$205.95</STRIKE> $190.95
Crete Kleen <STRIKE>$205.95</STRIKE> $190.95