Free - Best roof cleaning photo contest !!!

Ron Musgraves

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This photo Doug took is one of the best I've seen in a long while.

Text me anytime for question 480-522-5227

Doug Rucker

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I get a lot of neighbors drive by and if I am by the truck they will actually stop and thank me for the sign and cones. They say thanks for helping to slow down the cars.

Doug Rucker

Roundtable Host 2009
Get that Photo without the shade... its a champion reguardless

Yeah I am going Monday Morning to finish it and will take one in the morning, this was in the afternoon. (provided the signs are still there) I was the highest of 3 estimates so someone may be mad when they drive by and see they didn't get it.


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Here is one of ours.....:yes:


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This one was a house wash, coincidentally the home owner just won yard of the month.

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