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Okay folks, Most of us have run into the same problems when mixing a batch of roof or siding mix and many of us already have our ways of dealing with the problems associated when the need arises for a second, third or so on batch of mix. Foam and suds control when filling a tank to near capacity.

I would like to think most of us seasoned guys/gals already have a simple device to fill tanks whether it be a roof mix tank, 5 gallon downstream tank or pump and backpack sprayer tanks.

As we all know, The first batch is very easy. Water 1st, Surfactant 2nd, And then the SH. Problem is, When we need a second batch, There is too much surfactant residue in the tank and when we add our next batch of water, The foam and suds can create quite a mess.

For folks who are new or fairly new to the operation, I have a simple solution. Take a piece of 1/2" PVC pipe and add a connector on one end(slip joint x 3/4" mpt) and on the other end add a slip joint x 1/2" mpt. On your 3/4" mpt add a brass double female coupler with 10 wraps of teflon tape for the PVC to brass connection. Now, You can add a garden hose shut-off and hose.

On the 1/2"mpt end, I made a adapter for a tank cleaning nozzle( short 3" piece in photo) Using the drill press, Drilled to sets of holes 90 degrees apart for the water to flow out and flush the sides of the tanks.

In the photo, The one pipe assy. is 22-1/2" OAL(for 5ers, pump and backpack sprayers). The second one is 32-1/2" for 30, 50 gal. horizontal tanks.

The gadget will allow filling the tanks from the bottom resulting in less foam/suds. It can also be used as a tank mixer. If you reserve 10 or so gals. of water til last, once you have added your surfactant and SH, top off with water and your mix will be blended.

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Yep, Brass and SH don't make very good company so I made sure the brass coupler is only at the point where the garden hose connection is. I've been using these fill/mix sticks for years and it's amazing the difference it makes. Just goes to show, Simple can be some of the best... Just a few dollars and a little time.

I use the fill/mix stick to add approx. 80% of the water volume, Add the surfactant, Then use a transfer pump with a drop in hose to add the SH and then using the fill/mix stick, Add the final 20% water volume which mixes everything together with almost zero foam/suds.

Put a t in one of my supply lines. 1 inch with a ball valve and a 6 inch nipple. Water fills then add the rest sent sent soap and so on. Tool box has a cordless drill that is used with a paint streerer. A couple of minutes and she's ready to go.