Flat bed or trailer


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Starting out which would most people prefer

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Jared Gowan
I had a trailer but am switching to a flatbed after less then 4 months. Partially due to my towing vehicle having constant issues, partially due to trailer woes, and in part due to originally buying a single axle that cant handle the weight of our current setup. I hate towing a trailer..... but as they say, your mileage may vary.


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I have a van and an enclosed trailer I use separately. After using both, I am really wanting to go box truck, so of your options I would go flatbed.


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They both have pros and cons. I currently have a trailer unit and let me tell you, as soon as its in the budget its becoming a backup and I will be moving to a flat bed.
Trailer. Box or flat bed breakers down then what? Trailer, tow vehicle brakes down change trucks. Space runs out on trailer add second story for hose reals ladders and so on till a larger trailer becomes available.

Terry Mc Kenna

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What equipment I use may not suit you and what others have I may not need. Money may also be a factor. The same goes for trailers or flatbed's. Both have advantages and disadvantages I know guys that would love to have a flatbed I also know guys that would prefer to be back to a trailer.
what you got to consider is what type of work you are going to be looking for and this may help in your answer also the extra cost of having a flatbed such costs is now you are going to have a second vechicle, 2 lots of insurance etc...
If starting up you can look forward and think of what you may need in 1 to2 years time or sometimes shorter this will help.
That way you are not wasting money. Good luck with your decision and if you let us know more market, budget etc... I will try and give a more acurate answer. The best thing again I can say is that if you can see what you may need in the future and can afford to buy it now that is your answer.


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Flatbed, or box truck. I do have a trailer, I used it last year for parkade jobs as the truck needed a new engine and the trailer was way cheaper and I could pull it with the wife's jeep crd. Truck is back up and running, now the trailer will be used for extra water only and hauling stuff as the pickup box is full.

Both has pro's and con's as mentioned above, figure out what your needs are and see what will work best for you.


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The thing that always scared me from flatbed is chemicals flying off and spilling out on the road .When the local YMCA addition was built they hired a company out of town to wash. The driver turned sharpe an a drum of acid flew off the back of his flatbed.It was a disaster they evacuated blocked traffic etc for hours it was terrible.

Guy Blackmon

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Key word I see here is "Starting Out".......and that would be a trailer set up. When your business and experience grows so will your equipment and what type of set up will best suit your situation....when the time comes.....you'll know.


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Wise words have been spoken.Guy's are spot on. Starting out its probably a trailer.Then money and the jobs (niche) you find your self working at determines the the equipment.I've had a 5x8 enclosed trailer, van and now a flatbed.By far the flatbed is the best of all worlds for me but it takes awhile to get those figured out.


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I just sold my enclosed and plan to move to flatbed. It was a rolling billboard but sending out employees towing my beautiful enclosed. Well, I just didn't trust anyone that much!! Im going to build a large skid to mount everything to (roof washing rig, and cold water 8gpm unit) and take it on and off my flatbed truck whenever I want with fork lift. My flatbed is needed for my landscape business also so when im not out washing Im going to just snatch it off the truck and set it in the barn. I will feel much more comfortable sending the guys out in just a truck as opposed to hauling around a 16ft enclosed........... Honestly I thought about doing a small trailer but ive already got the flatbed so I feel like the trailer is a waist of even more money. I may regret the flatbed idea for all I know. Its only a 9 ft flatbed on a single rear wheel 2014 Silverado 2500 hd. I plan no not have huge tanks. 65 gallon for roof mix and maybe 120? for draw tank. Draw tank will have a float valve so I can draw from customer at all times. Anyone else tried this?? I don't need anything giant as I am not doing this full time.