Feed Hose


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Hey guys, what feed hose do you guys prefer from tank to pump? Ive been using 1 inch ID clear braided and I feel like it flattens out on me. What are you guys using?

Sirocco Jerry

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in nylon braid hose, the good stuff won't collapse.
Home Depot and Lowes type stores have hose that is coiled too tight when it is boxed at the factory.
The good stuff from a plastics specialty or industrial hose supplier, won't collapse too easy.
If the good hose collapses on you, the filter is plugged,
there's some other "flow restriction" I the line,
..or the hose is too small for your GPM application.
We prefer to use nylon braid hose for faster troubleshooting.
..and FAST troubleshooting IS the most important thing on a bad day.