Dye sublimation shirts


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Just got this one to see what all the fuss was about. I have to say it's an incredibly comfortable shirt. Looks like we'll be getting one designed for the company uniform.

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I've been wearing Russell Athletics sports tee shirts for about 8 months and absolutely love them. They are like a combination of cotton feel but quick dry only $10 @ Walmart. 5 things really sold me 1 they don't hold armpit stank and my pits a notorious, lol. 2nd is compared to other quick dry material theres no thread pulling. 3 cost 4th they last along time no neck stretching 5 bleach safe. Haven't seen them in long sleeve thou
We use synthetic shirts from logosportswear.com with dye sublimated printing for logos. Their online design tool comes in handy for getting something done and shipped quick. About $15 cheaper than list prices on E3.


We got me one last year for when I'm power washing and roof cleaning. Definitely the best work shirt I've ever had by far.