Doug Rucker wants to help your business


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Doug Rucker is a recent panel wrap client and a very generous man. He has asked that I find a new contractor that needs some help with advertising. I need your help with that. If the contractor that you are thinking of needs some signs for his truck door, Doug will provide them.

If the contractor that wins the prize already has truck signage but needs some yards then Doug and I will split the cost of 12 single sided signs.

Doug and I are looking to help a new (ish) contractor out. Will you please help us with that? The person that will receive the marketing help will be notified on Saturday after 3:00 pm.

Get your nominations in now.


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Chris Dubbs

I have never tried yard signs yet. I would be up for that. Other than that, I'm trying to do new signs on my trailer instead of the small magnets.

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Rapid HotClean

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I love this board and all of the brothers on it! If you're a lurking contractor, or condidering entering the business, you need to join!!


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WOW. Contractors helping contractors. PWI and UAMCC. It just doesn't get any better. Thanks to Tim and Doug!


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Yeah Doug Is the UAMCC!!!


UAMCC Thanks you to Tim Along with all the NEW guys we Help with Our Great VP with these Great Ideas and Leading by example

Agreed, Mr. Doug is a very generous man.


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