DOT registration?do I need to declare hazmat?


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I am in the process of getting my first dot number and am confused if I need to declare hazmat or not,my setup consists of an Isuzu NPR and I have a 270 gal IBC tote for water and a 125 gal chem tank for roof mix and I carry my SH in 5gal pales usually 10 so 50 gal.of SH.and I also have roof snot and F-13 on the truck.Thanks for any help


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Flat deck, box truck?

Be careful, my last npr non HD (12,200 gvwr) box truck with 14ft box with your described setup made the truck over weight with full tanks. If you get pulled over for hazmat stuff and they weigh you with full tanks you could be in trouble either way.


This has been discussed at length many times, They go by weight, not gallons as per D.O.T. Regulations.

To get Hazmat registered to haul over 1000 pounds of corrosives you will have to get the CDL first then Hazmat.